About The Invest Ninja

Saket Narayane

TheInvestNinja is created with an idea of bringing financial literacy to the community, introducing you to various other financial instruments which can perform better than the savings accounts and would help your hard earned money grow over time. We will be discussing many financial strategies, decode several concepts and jargons here at TheInvestNinja.

TheInvestNinja is the creation of Saket Narayane, also the person who is writing this. I have obtained my BTech degree in Computer Science & Engineering from NIT Warangal and aspiring to get an MBA in Finance. Yes, I am that typical Indian guy going for MBA after engineering. Let’s save that story for some other day.

With TheInvestNinja, I want to share my experience and learnings with all of you who are passionate about personal finance, even if you are not a fan, I’d try my best to generate interest in you regarding the same. It was a bit difficult for me to actually start TheInvestNinja as I am also working full time in an analytics firm, but I’m glad I took this initiative as I’m really enjoying the whole process, right from buying the domain, designing this website to maintaining it regularly.

If you are interested in knowing what made me do it in the first place, I have written an article precisely to address this curiosity of yours.

If you are still not satisfied and want to know more about me? Feel free to contact me, or better ask me out for pizza or anything that I can eat.

But honestly, your feedback is very appreciated. It helps me keep motivated in continuing the work by going an extra mile. I’ll surely work on your suggestions and provide you with an improved version of TheInvestNinja.

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