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And so... TheInvestNinja begins!

Hello readers,

Before getting deeper into the world of finance, I thought of introducing you to the creator of TheInvestNinja, how did I come up with the idea, the inspiration behind it and where do I want to see it heading towards.

How did it happen?

It was the winter of 2016 when I started taking considerable interest in the stock market. While my friends would spend time watching movies or series, I used to spend hours reading different finance blogs, editorials from well-known people in the industry. I had no capital or expertise to invest, after all, I was just an undergraduate student back then, and being from a conservative Indian family, asking parents for money to invest in the stock market was out of the question.

“Mom, can you send me some money to buy some shares?”
“No son, I’ll create a savings account for you, it is much safer.”

Well, she had her reasons; my dad had lost a lot of money in the stock market.
So I began using stock simulators where I would implement different strategies that I learn with virtual money.

By the time I was about to graduate, I had formed a group of people who would not get tired of talking about stocks or cryptocurrency. It was the time when the price of cryptocurrencies was surging so rapidly that everyone wanted to buy cryptocurrencies. People around me would ask me for advice, and I loved helping them.

Soon I saved enough to commence my own journey. Since then I have dealt with various instruments like binary options, cryptocurrency, mutual funds, stocks in the Indian as well as the foreign market and assisted a few people in trying out the same.

The idea

Though I always loved sharing what I know, the idea of creating TheInvestNinja hasn’t yet struck. It was that one fateful day when I had already entered into the corporate life and was helping my colleagues in making a few investments to save taxes and I had to tell each one of them almost the same thing every day. Looking at my plight, a friend asked me to write it down on a white board and show it to everyone. I thought that’s a great idea; I didn’t write it on a white board but decided to bring TheInvestNinja to life.

The support system

Creating TheInvestNinja wouldn’t have been possible without the support from my family and friends who made me realize how much I am interested in Finance. Also I’m really grateful to Pardeep Goyal, the founder of, for his continuous guidance while establishing this website.

So what's the plan?

Along with maintaining this blog, I am continuing my investment activities as and when I get an opportunity. There have been good and bad days, sometimes I have made some profits, sometimes I’d lose it all, but that didn’t stop me from trying out new things. I learn from my mistakes and try to be a better investor than I was yesterday and I believe the best way of achieving that is by helping people along the way.

4 thoughts on “And so… TheInvestNinja Begins!”

  1. Nice first post.
    I am also working on same niche but with diagonally opposite approach.
    You are starting with stock markets, in my approach i will end with it.

    Do visit my site also and suggest something.
    We may collaborate to make people financially aware.

  2. Extremely useful, very informative and well written blog Saket! Kudos to you! Looking forward for more such blogs for the beginners who have no idea about investments and savings related stuffs!.

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